(Elizabeth Rosina Cross)

Born 29th April 2010

Age ONE year


February 2012

Enjoying my lunch now!


Here's my lunch


You can't get me!


October 2011

Hey, I can stand all by myself now!


I'm getting grips with this walking business.
Good job I've got my walker, though. 


September 2011

 I've had a lovely day out.


The steam train whistle made me cry,
but I'm feeling a lot better now.


 I'm ready for my steam train ride.  I do hope it is not too noisy!


August 2011

Off we go down the slide!


I'm just hanging out in the kitchen


They've brought me to the pier.
It all sounds a bit loud and crowded, but I think I'll be alright.


Hello, I've got my new polka dot dress!


April 2011

 I am one year old and off to a wedding (not mine!)


 There I am with my beautiful mummy - all ready for the wedding.





Copyright: Elizabeth Rosina Cross 2011

Photography by Mike & Jacky Smith, and Rosalind Ashworth