Small Town America Photographs. Clayton, New Mexico.

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Clayton, New Mexico


Clayton, New Mexico hosted the 2010 Antique Barbed Wire Society's Super Show.  It took place in the Civic Center, Clayton, on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th July 2010.



General View of the Show.


Nice collection of Barbed Wires.  Note the horseshoe cowboy with barbed wire lassoo.


Close up of a "shortie" collection.


Wires for sale, mounted on white-faced board, and with identification details on the labels.


Interesting display in wooden case with sack-cloth backing.


Wires lined up on a table.


Interesting collection of splices.


Another collection of "shorties" in a wooden case with leather strips holding the wires.


More wires for sale.


Incredible home-made carriage-wheel revolving display. The whole thing disassembles for transit.


The Barbed Wire Personalities

Shotgun Walker

Jim Bradshaw

Billy Thornton

Harold Hagemeier

John Stohlmann

David Schwegmann

Jim Goedert & Jacky Smith

Dan and Nancy Sowle

                                      Jerry Boxberger
Karen Boxberger                                   

Lloyd Welch

Jerry Thornton

Brian Herbert

Jack Sewell


All the above photographs were taken in July 2010.


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Photographs Mike Smith 2010
None to be reproduced elsewhere without permission