(Albert Ivor George Cross)

Born 20th March 2012

Year Zero (Birth to 11 months)



December 2012 - At Grandma and Granddad's house with my big sister Lizzy.


December 2012 - Eeek!  You caught me by surprise.


December 2012 - Oh, hello.  I'm at Grandma and Granddad's house just after Christmas.


December 2012 - I'm nice and cozy for my outing today


December 2012 - Ye-Har - no tube.


October 2012 - Getting better all the time.  I will get this tube out soon.


August 2012 - Still got this silly tube up my nose, but I am feeling a lot better.


June 2012 - Yes!  I'm now in my house, which Daddy enlarged for me.


26th April - I'll be glad when I can leave hospital for home.


24th April - Do you like my stripy top?


15th April - Just having another snooze


14th April - I like being with my Daddy


30th March - Resting in my hospital crib.


28th March - With my Mummy


I'm a New Born




Copyright: Albert Ivor George Cross 2013

Photography by Mike & Jacky Smith, and Rosalind Cross