(Elizabeth Rosina Cross)

Born 29th April 2010

Year Zero (Birth to 11 months)


 It's fun down here on the floor of my house.
Can't see the point in all this crawling nonsense!
I'm only 11 months old anyhow.


 Feeling a little serious today at grandma and grandad Smith's house.
I'm 9 months old now.


 Just posing for my grandad (Smith).  I am 9 months old now.


 Getting to grips with my activity centre


MY FIRST CHRISTMAS (2010) at 8 months old

Sitting with some of my Christmas presents


With my mummy


With my daddy


With my mummy when her mummy and daddy came to see me.


Big Day!  Sitting up all by myself at just 7 months old!



 Sitting with Uncle Wiley in my Pumpkin costume


 With my American cousins Eligh and Isis, although there was
something more interesting going on to my left!


 With my cousin Isis.


 Out for a meal at the Texas
Roadhouse.  What's that up there?

 I preferred to take my
own food with me


 With my cousin Isis again, and I'm ready for bed!


 Ah, that's better.  A chance for a lie down.


 I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.


 Still, I think it's time for bed.


 My cousin Eligh gives me a cuddle before I drop off.


 It was my birthday on 29th October - I was half!


Playing with My Toys at 5 Months (7th October 2010)


Just Relaxing at 5 Months (2nd October 2010)


Happy with Mummy at 5 Months (29th September 2010)


Brand new Rattle at 5 Months (29th September 2010)


Steam Railway Buff at 4 Months (19th September 2010)


New York Doll at 4 Months (7th September 2010)


Patriotic Lizzie at 3 Months (4th August 2010)


Nice and Cozy at 3 Months (4th August 2010)



Nine Weeks (3rd July 2010)


Eight Weeks (28th June 2010)




Seven Weeks (16th June 2010)





... and the same to you!



One Month & 5 Days (2nd June 2010)



One Month Old Today!  29th May 2010

Jeans and Fabulous Pink Trainers



Day 19 (17 May 2010)









Day 3 (1 May 10)



Proud Mother


Proud Father




Day 2 (30 Apr 10)






Day 1 (29 Apr 10)

Just a few hours old


Proud Grandmother




Copyright: Elizabeth Rosina Cross 2010

Photography by Mike & Jacky Smith, and Rosalind Ashworth