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Small Town America


Mike Smith has been interested in photography for many years.  His main interest lies in photographing architecture and landscapes.  He is a member of the Ferndown Camera Club in Ferndown, Dorset, UK.  Although permanently living in England, UK, over the past twenty years he has visited the United States many times, and is fascinated by the small towns dotted along the highways that crisscross America.  His longest journey was in 2001, when he drove historic Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles.  Photos taken then (slides were the order of the day in 2001) have been set up as a slide show with live commentary.  Lasting 90 minutes, it has been presented to numerous groups in the south of England over recent years.  All journeys and slide shows are embarked upon with his wife, Jacky, who is also a keen photographer.

In 2009, a similar, but obviously much shorter, journey was taken in the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Again another slide show - his time all digital - has been set up ready to show to interested parties.

The advent of digital photography and the internet has encouraged Mike to put his recent photos on the Web, and the idea of concentrating on small towns makes for easy and compact viewing by users of the internet.  Furthermore, these small towns get little publicity or coverage on the internet, and Mike is happy to do his bit to put images of their most interesting features before the worldwide public.


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